Dry Scalp Remedy!

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It's coming down to fall and soon it'll be winter. Where I live it starts to get really dry, so I know every year that I need to be prepared to deal with dry hands, feet, and most of all dry scalp! The dreaded dry scalp. It's itchy, flaky and annoying. T-Gel in extra strength by Neutrogena has been my holy grail shampoo. But I wanted to try something more natural. I recently got Apple Cider Vingear (ACV) from my local health food store. I've heard it has many great uses so I googled up using it for dry scalp and found a recipe to try out. 

- disinfects the scalp by killing the fungus that can cause dry scalp.
- it helps to balance pH levels of your scalp.
- it keeps your scalps healthy and shiny.
- it helps to take out build up and excess product from hair styling products.
- it helps you straighten your hair.

All you need is:
- spray bottle
- unfiltered organic Apple Cider Vingear. (ACV)
- water
- measuring cups

First you measure out 1/4 cup of the ACV and this is added to a cup of water. You can mix it together and pour it into a spray bottle. After that you just spray it on to your scalp and hair and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water and follow up with your shampoo and conditioner routine. 

I tried this out and found that my scalp felt really clean and the dry scalp was gone with one wash. I use this once a week to just cleanse and treat. I've found by doing this that my dry scalp has disappeared and I barely get flakes. When you spray it on your scalp it's a cooling sensation. It does smell a little strong. I kept thinking about apple juice, but other than that it works great! If you can stand the smell it's worth it.

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