Urban Decay Naked 3 [Launch]

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It's that time again! Let's Get Naked!! (not the kind your thinking about sorry) but no browns this time bring on the rose golds!

Yesterday I got another notification email about the Beauty Insider Reward card. I've been contemplating on what to get. I wanted the Naked 3 palette but I didn't want to pay the shipping for it online. So I decided to wait till it hit stores. At the bottom of the email I saw that it was launching in stores at 9pm. I wasn't for sure if it was but I thought I would go anyway. The email said to get there by 8:30pm, I got there around 7:30pm and got in line for it.

Now on to this beautiful palette. The Naked 3 is $62 CDN like the other Naked palettes. I used my $20 reward card so I got it for $42 CDN which was a great deal! This palette has twelve new never before seen colours. The colours are shades of rose. The have different finishes: matte, pearl and metallic.

The box is a light rose gold colour. It has "Naked 3" written in gold and all the shades at the bottom as crushed powders.

The back of the box shows the contains of the palette. You get the four shades of primers to try out and they give you about a weeks worth of product. A little goes a long way so I'm sure these will last a while. There's also a crease and shadow brush with is dual ended.  The names of the shadows are at the bottom. I really love the packaging!

The inside of the box has a beautiful design as well. 

& now to the goods. Meet the Naked 3. It comes in a art pencil like tin case. The Naked 2 comes in the same tin. Theres some texture to this tin as the background. Below is also the primers pamphlet. 

Prepare to be amazed! Here are the twelve new gorgeous colours!!

There a wide arrangement of rose tones in this palette. You get the light to dark colours. This palette is great for travelling. It's not heavy and it has all the colours you would need for a rose nude eye look. You can smoke it up with Blackheart, or Darkside. The least pigmented was Limit and Nooner. Both are such beautiful colours but I still love them none the less. The blend well, Urban Decay is known for their well milled eyeshadows. The only fallout would be from Dust, it has glitter that is a little chunky.

Along with the palette you get a Crease and Shadow brush. It dual ended which makes it easy to use. It's very soft. It's rose gold and has Naked 3 written on it.

The samples of primer potion come in Original, Sin, Eden, and Anti-aging.

So far I really love this palette. I'm glad I held off on getting the other Naked palettes but I'm sure I'll be adding it to my collection soon. I LOVE rose gold and anything rose coloured so this is definitely my favourite. I can't wait to start doing some eye looks with this.  

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  1. I love rose gold too and can't wait to purchase this in the UK, xoxo.