MAC RiRi Woo RIhanna Collaboration Lipstick

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I love MAC & I love Rihanna. The two combined, I couldn't resist! As soon as I found out that Rihanna was collaborating with MAC for collections I just had to have it. There are 31 different products. This first product was this Riri Woo Lipstick that was an online only exclusive release last week. I got the text from MAC the day of and I thought I would have already missed it. There was a long wait. I wasn't sure if my laptop was frozen on the website. I waited for about an hour and I have the website loaded on my iPhone as well. I finally checked before I was about to give up and it finally was at the checkout page. I decided to purchase it and try it out. This was sold out within three hours!! I've never bought anything from an anticipated launch but I'm glad I got this. It finally arrived today. This lipstick was $18 CDN, I had a coupon code for free shipping so I used that and didn't have to pay the $8. 

I don't have many red lipsticks and this has been said to be the same as MAC Ruby Woo but I don't own it. I did get Charmed I'm Sure from the Marilyn Monroe collection so I compared it to that. The MAC RiRi Woo is a retro matte finish and is a cool toned red. The retro matte finish is drying and is more stiff. I've never tried this finish. 

Left: MAC Charmed I'm Sure Right: MAC RiRi Woo

Top: MAC RiRi Woo Bottom: MAC Charmed I'm Sure
The MAC Charmed I'm Sure is more pink than the MAC RiRi Woo and a true red color. The MAC RiRi Woo is lighter.

I like the color of RiRi Woo. I don't wear red that much since my husband doesn't like it very much and I never thought that it looked good on me but I like how this looks. The finish is drying but I put on lip balm prior to putting this on. I can't wait to see the other products that Rihanna will be releasing. If you missed out on grabbing this online it'll be back in June. I think it'll have special packaging as well.

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  1. Really wanna try this! :)

    Kelly xo

  2. You definitely should. It's a beautiful color!