NYC Applelicious Glossy Balm

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I haven't tried out NYC products in a long time. I saw these on display at Wal-Mart and they looked pretty cool. They smell like apple, and I love the names that they came up with. The one I picked up is in the shade Apple Blossom 354, and it was only $3 CAD. These come in ten different shades: Blushing Golden 350, Caramel Apple 351, Chocolate Apple 352, Pink Lady 353, Apple Blossom 354, Applelicious Pink 355, Big Red Apple 356, Apple Blueberry Pie 358, Garnet Gala Apple Plum Pie 359. 

First let's talk about the cute apple embossed on the gloss. It surprisingly doesn't disappear when you swipe it, which I love because the apple will always be there. They do smell like apple but it's a slight smell, it's not very overpowering. It kind of reminds me of a plastic apple smell (so weird). But I don't mind it as much. These go on sheer so it gives you a light tint of color, which is still really nice for days when you don't want too bright lips. It is moisturizing, but I wouldn't say that it would help your dry chapped lips. It does give you a shine but not too much that it's unbearable. 

Apple Blossom is a light plus color. It does look dark but it comes out as a sheer purple-red color with shimmer. You can't feel the shimmer on your lips when you wear it but it gives you a nice shine.  

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