Stila Lip Glaze Trio

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This trio was one of the products that was on sale for $12 CDN at Sephora during boxing day. I hate going to malls because of the crowd so since my sister was going with her friends I asked her to pick this up for me. Stila Lip Glaze's individual are $29 CDN, so you are getting $87 CDN worth of lip glaze's. I've never previously tried them out but I've heard so much about them.

The shades that are included in the Harvest set are: Vanilla, Orchard, and Spice. These are all neutral brown coloured shades.
Vanilla - a light pink brown with gold shimmer
Orchard - a pink frosty color with gold shimmer.
Spice - a dark brown sugar color with gold shimmer.

It comes with a brush tip and you turn the bottom like a pen to get the product to come in between the brush. I don't really like the brush since the lip glaze's are sticky and it starts to get messy. I've found that placing a little in the middle of my lips and then rubbing my lips together works well. 

These lip glaze's are sticky but I don't mind as much because they last a long time. All three of the colours look similar but I love neutral colours, especially when I do a bold eye look. 

Top to Bottom: Spice, Orchard, and Vanilla
Overall I really like these lip glaze's. The sticky feeling I don't mind because they do last long and they're very natural neutral shades which I love.  They're expensive individually but this trio is worth it. There is another trio for $12 CDN called Foliage, but it wasn't available at my Sephora. 

Have you tried the Stile Lip Glaze's? Which shade is your favorite? 

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