Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

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BB stands for Beauty Balm, it's a 8-1 product. These have been famous in Asia and they're starting to show up here in Canada. There as so many brands that are releasing BB creams and I've even seen CC creams (Color Corrector) creams being released by Hard Candy and such. I've never tried any BB cream this was my first. It was $8.96 but I had a coupon from Maybelline for $1 off any item so I got this for $7.96 CAN. I don't use foundation daily, it's more of on special occasions. I've used tinted moisturizers but I've found that they're never the right color as my skin. 

The shade that I have it in is Meduium/Deep 130. This BB cream comes in five different shades which are: Light 100, Light/Medium 110, Medium 120, Medium/Deep 130, and Deep 140. 

These are the 8 benefits of the BB cream. I love how light weight this BB cream feels and it is a light to medium coverage. I'm sure you could put on my layers if you wanted to have a more better coverage. I have found that it does even out the color of my skin tone and gives me a natural glow. I like that this has a SPF of 30, I rarely put sun screen on unless it's super hot during the summer which is bad.

It's not runny or super thick. It's in the middle. I like how it's easy to blend on your skin and it doesn't leave your face super shiny since it's oil-free. I use my fingers to apply this, but I'm sure if you wanted you could use a brush to buff it.
I have dry skin and I've found that this BB cream doesn't emphasize my dry patches and it actually leaves them smooth and moisturized. I've started to wear this daily on days where I want to keep it natural. This BB cream is so lightweight that it feels just like putting on lotion.

I will be definitely be repurchasing it once I'm done. It is a bit pricey for a drugstore product but it's worth it. I'll probably wait till I have another coupon for this.

Have you tried BB creams? Which one is your favorite?

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