Love & Beauty Blush and Bronzer Duo

20:58 Mya 0 Comments

While holiday shopping at Forever 21 I found this blush and bronzer duo ($5.00 CDN). It reminded me of the Nars and ELF blush and bronzer duos. I don't own neither but I decided to try this one out.

The packaging is like the ELF blushes it's black and smooth, not rubber like the NARS.

The blush is a light peachy pink color with some shimmer. The bronzer is a nice caramel color. 

The blush does looks similar to NARS Orgasm but the NARS one is a bit more darker pink. Here's a comparison. The Love & Beauty blush is more peachy with gold flecks and the Nars is a darker pink with gold flecks. 

- xoxo Mya

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