Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Tough Taupe

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Even though my nail polish collection has grown so much in the past year, the nail polish addict in me kicks in when I go shopping and I'm always in the look out for colours to add to my collection. I was looking through my collection and didn't seem to find a fall colour that I felt like wearing. I was in the mood for a muddy purple fall color. While browsing I found this color. I don't have many Sally Hansen nail polishes, (I think just 1). I used to love them when I first got into nail polishes. Now my collection is mainly OPI and China Glaze, but since those tend to be a bit pricey now I decided to try out Sally Hansen polishes and this was only $2! Can't beat that, and this color really fit what I was looking for. As soon as I saw this color Sephora by OPI Metro Chic came into my mind, it reminded me so much of that nail polish. Looking at some swatches online it does look quite similar, I don't have Metro Chic to do a comparison but I've always wanted it!

I found the application to be a bit tacky, the brush is thinner than most nail polishes I've used and I found that when I was putting on a coat there would be nail polish dripping down from the base of the brush. I constantly found myself having to wipe the excess on the side of the bottle since I've had experience before where the nail polish drips down from the brush and turns into a thick blob. Other than being a bit tacky and running down the brush, I found the application to be very easy and it dries very fast. I did get some denting in my nails probably from not waiting as long for it to dry, but it was fixed when I applied my top coat. 

Overall I love this nail polish and for the price of this I will definitely be purchasing the other colours. As much as I love OPI and China Glaze they always will be my HG. I think that Sally Hansen nail polishes is what I need in my collection right now. 

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