Almay Intense i- color

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I was groccery shopping with my mom at Superstore this last week and decided to stop by the cosmetics section while my mom shopped. I was browsing and found this smokey eye kit in the clearance section. It was originally priced as $9.98 but I got it on 50% off so it only came to $4.99 CDN, which was a great deal! I've never tried any Almay products since they're quite pricey for drugstore products so I was excited to find it on sale.

I've never really been one whose into smokey eyes but I wanted to try it out. The packaging is supposed to make it easy to know where each colors go on your eye. The one closest to the eye lashes picture is the darkest, and then the medium and the lightest. The back of the packaging tells you which colors to put where on your eye and how to much of your eye. This is great for beginners who don't know exactly where each color goes. Here are some swatches of the colors, they're quite vibrant even without any primer. 

I really like this compact and will definitely take it with me when I travel since it has all the colors needed for a look. I like how it's easy to follow and you can always use the directions that's on the back of the packaging! Gorgeous colors and I recommend this. Can't wait to try Almay's other products!

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