China Glaze - Riveting

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Hunger Games - Riveting
I've never been so excited for a nail polish collection. Riveting is from the Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection by China Glaze. It's suppoused to represent District 3 - the technology district I couldn't wait till it hit stores so I ordered it online. This is the first collection that I got all the colors in the collection. I didn't want to regret not buying them all.

I couldn't decide what color to try on first but I figured since it's spring and orange is in right now that I would try out this color first. This color is a bright reddish orange with gold shimmer.

After applying one coat this color was pretty much opaque, but I put a second coat to make it more opaque. I found the application really smooth, I didn't have a problem with any bubbles (unless I didn't want for it to dry) or streaking. You can see the gold shimmer more in the light.

Normal Lighting

Overall I love this color, it's gorgeous! I think it's a really nice orange for Spring/Summer. The application was easy and so smooth! The gold shimmer looks amazing in the light. This is my favorite one in the collection.

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