Monday Questionnaire

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1.) Mood:
Pretty good! I've been off from school for two weeks now but finals are this week so I've been studying a bit, but for once I'm not quite stressed. And it's spring weather here finally so it's boosted up my mood.

2.) Are there any spring trends you're loving this year? Any you're hating?
I'm in love with the bright colors. I've always worn bright colors but now that it's in style, I love it even more. There aren't any trends that I'm hating.. the only thing I don't think I would try or would look good on my skin tone is the orange lipsticks/ blushes. 

3.) Do you like to cook?
I love to cook. I just don't do it enough. But after exams, I'll definitely be cooking more! 

4.) Current nail polish:
China Glaze Happy Go Lucky with Crushed Candy Crackle on top! My current favorite spring combination. 

5.) What is something you are excited about at the moment?
I'm excited that there's two months as of today till I'm off on my trip with my sister to England and Switzerland!! 

6.) Current outfit:
Ripped jean capris, and a grey t-shirt. 

7.) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?
A heavy sleeper, I can sleep whether the light is on or if the tv is on. 

8.) What size handbag do you prefer?
I used to love big/medium bags but now that I don't like carrying much. I'm obsessed with cross body bags.  

9.) Do you like karaoke?
I LOVE karaoke, but I haven't really been to a place and sang. More like at family parties.

10.) Weekly goals:
Study for finals, and get back onto my fitness/diet routines.

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday!!

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